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Out there_3d
[message_box type=”info” header=”” width=”” position=”none”]The Bubble was so clear in the sky, like a covering over us. A protection. A mystery. In a way, it was a blindfold from the outside.
“What do you think it’s like outside the Bubble?” I asked Katelyn.
“Full of wild animals and completely fogged up by gases. You know the robots that collect resources and build do it outside the Bubble.”
“Imagine life before it. What do you think it was like?”
“You mean when men still existed?”
“Yeah, when there were two genders and no Bubble.”
“Well, you know…”
And she was right, I knew all too well that men ruled with an iron fist and oppressed women. They were all evil and the world was a terrible place to live in. There was suffering, disease, cruelty, poverty, starvation and pollution. Then there were The Great Wars and the men almost killed the entire human race in their foolishness. I had heard it so many times that it practically recited itself inside my head. But for some reason I always asked anyway, maybe because some part of me didn’t want to believe that such devastation could be possible.
“Yeah, I know.” I wriggled in my sleeping bag. “Men equal evil.”
“Well, it’s true.”
“Do you really think it’s true?”
“Of course it is.” She looked at me with a confused expression. “You don’t?”
“Well, they did say history in the past had been exaggerated or changed and that’s why they didn’t preserve any of the old texts. So, I just thought…”
“You’re crazy, Ava.”
“I know.”
“Goodnight Ava.” Katelyn giggled and rolled over.
Soon her gentle snores could be heard in the silence of the night. I stared at the Bubble ceiling and removed it with my mind, trying to envision what it would have been like without it. But I realised a real night sky was something I had never seen and no matter how hard I imagined, I would never know what it was like outside.
What was it like outside?
I used to think that question would never be answered.[/message_box]